Web Design Tools: The Save As Feature

Most MS Office applications now have a Save For Web feature. Thise feature allows you to save any file as an html file. The Office application converts your Word document, Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation into a web page or series of web pages. The results may or may not meet your needs.

Sometimes, the formatting in Word documents is damaged in the process of being converted to HTML. MS Word tables seem to be especially problematic. Excel charts and graphs worl reasonably well, as do PowerPoint presentations.

The HTML created by the Save As feature is often rather ugly- it contains lots of extraneous bits and pieces of code that can make a page difficult to troubleshoot, particularly if you aren't familiar with html code. If you only need to put a presentation, document or graph on the web, and you will not need to edit the information, using the Save for Web feature may work for you. If you are planning to create a website that will need regular updates, however, you need to learn to use one of the web editors.