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Logging on to Webmail
- Navigation Bar
Checking for New Messages
Reading & Responding to Messages
- Read Message
- Print Message
- Reply to Message
- Compose Message & Add Attachment
- Send Forwarded Message
- Send Inline Forwarded Message
- Delete Messages from Inbox
- View Sent Messages
Use the Inbox
- Set Preferences
- Sort Messages
Spell Check
- Create/Edit Personal Dictionary
Manage Folder
- View Folder Contents
- Add/Delete Folders
- Move/Copy Messages to Folder
- Organize Messages
Search for Messages
Empty Trash
Use Address Book
View Email Preferences
Use Webmail Options
- Create Message Filter
- Start/Stop Automatic Fowarding
- Start/Stop Automatic Reply
Change All Passwords


The new student web-based email program, Mirapoint, is available for all students at Northern Virginia Community College. Because it is web-based, you can connect from anywhere in the world, through any Web browser connected to the Internet. The new email system will provide you with a very reliable and more secure way to send and receive email.

Your email address and password have not changed. Your old mail is located at http://oldmail.vccs.edu and will be available until September 30, 2005. All important messages that you wish to keep should be forwarded to the new system prior to that time.

You may forward your old email to the new system by logging into the old system and forwarding each email to username@forward.vccs.edu, where username = your current ID. Example: jdr297@forward.vccs.edu. On October 1, 2005, the old email system will be permanently retired and any messages or other information contained within it will be erased and permanently unavailable.

If you are still using the default password initially provided to you (your birth date), please go to the Change Password page. Default passwords are not secure. When you change your password in NovaConnect , your password will automatically be updated in Blackboard and NovaConnect, as well as Student Email. This new password will be used to access NovaConnect, Blackboard, and Student Email.

Please note, when updating your password, the change will go to both the old and new email systems until September 30, 2005.

Use this site to learn about the features of the new student email system. When you have learned what you need to know, CLICK HERE (https://email.vccs.edu) to access the email system.


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