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Using Presentations

MS PowerPoint 2003

The Workspace: Slide Sorter View

- Normal View
- Slide Show View

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When you are working on a presentation, you may want to re-arrange the order of the slides that you have created. It can be difficult to rearrange slides in the normal view. Instead, switch to the slide sorter view. To switch to the slide sorter view, look in the lower left corner of the PowerPoint window and locate the three view buttons. Click on the slide sorter view icon.

The slide sorter view displays all of your slides on one page.

slide sorter view

Re-Order Slides

  1. Click once on a slide to select it.
  2. Click on the slide hold down the left mouse button. Without letting go of the mouse button, drag the slide to the place where you want to put it.
  3. As you drag the slide, you will notice a thin black line appearing and disappearing between the slides. This black line marks where the slide would go if you released the mouse button at that point. When the black line is where you want to drop the slide, let go of the mouse button.

Delete a Slide

  1. Click once on a slide to select it.
  2. Tap the Delete key.
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