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Using Presentations

MS PowerPoint 2003

The Workspace: Slide Show View

- Slide Sorter View
- Normal View

When you give your presentation you will use the Slide Show View. In the Slide Show View, the entire screen will be filled by your slides. Your audience will not be able to see your outline, speaker's notes or the PowerPoint toolbars and menus.

To enter the Slide Show view, click the Slide Show button in the lower left corner of the screen. The slide show will begin on whichever slide you had selected when you entered the Slide Show View.

Once you have entered the Slide Show, you can move through the show using these keyboard shortcuts:

  • To advance the presentation, click anywhere with your mouse or tap the space bar on your keyboard.
  • To move back one slide, tap the Backspace key.
  • To exit the show and return to Normal View, tap the Esc key.

As you move your mouse over the lower left corner of the slide show screen, you will see four barely visible buttons appear. These buttons offer additional controls.

  • The left arrow will move back one slide.
  • The right arrow will both forward one slide.
  • The pencil tool allows you to markup your slide for emphasis.
  • The slide button brings up a menu with additional options.

slide show controls

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